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Lake Hulkkia restoration project

Lake Hulkkia is a tiny lake (~ 20 hectars), located in the southeastern Finland. During the years, the lake has begun to grow up on a result of excessive eutrophication. The shores of the lake has been used for a farming and keeping dairy herd, which has contributed to the lake nutrient.

Lake itself is quite narrow. Excessive nutrients in the water has caused shoreline escaping from the sides nearer the center and also lake's average depth has minimized. The extra nutrients in the water have caused the problem of algae in the summer. However, lake Hulkkia has been quite rich in fishes and there has been vivid and living water bird population.

Lake restoration is done with a new technology. This technique has been used in restoration of some lakes in the North Ostrobothnia region in Finland, but this is one of the first projects of this kind in the southern Finland.

Lake is dried by draining water away and allow the lake to be dry for two winters (2009/2010, 2010/2011) and one summer (2010). Weight of snow and ice in the winter should press the soft sediments tightly down and at the same time tightly bound extra nutrients into soil. Landowners can dredge the beaches during the summer/autumn 2010, when the water is gone. After the second winter, the dam is built and the water is led back into the lake before spring 2011.

Project is lead and economically supported by Kaakkois-Suomen ELY-keskus (Southeast Finland Regional Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment). Project also includes a significant number of voluntary work hours (half of an estimated work load) from the landowners of the area.

You can also watch real video from the webcam of lake Hulkkia.